Chat for WordPress – Live Help Made Easy

I’ve come across numerous questions all over the web by wordpress blog owners who wanted to add a chat for wordpress but either couldn’t seem to find one or get the one they liked working on their sites. For many, this has been indeed frustrating.

WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms in the web today. Most blogging and internet marketing starters build their sites on wordpress. Because the web is social media driven nowadays, interaction and engagement is crucial prompting most website owners to keep communication lines open and look for ways to make themselves accessible to as much people as possible. No wonder aside from social media profiles, they are rushing to have a working live chat feature on their sites.
Two easy, pain-free ways to get a chat for wordpress:

1. Plugins
The WP chat plugins vault offers a variety of live chat plugins from different live help chat software companies. They are easy to install on the wordpress sites. All one has to do is to click a button and activate. However, the most common issue is speed. The number of plugins installed on a site tends to slow down the site’s performance and increase load times which could annoy site visitors, making the site unattractive for potential customers. For most wordpress sites, this is indeed a pain point. Fortunately, they can resort to another option which is chat widgets.

2. Chat widgets
The main advantage with considering using either a chat plugin or a chat widget is a site owner doesn’t have to download and install complicated softwares into their site framework. But as mentioned earlier, too many plugins can slow down a site. Live chat widgets give a site a functional chat feature by just adding a block of code to the site’s HTML template. The code is automatically generated so all one has to do is copy and paste. That’s all! Adding a chat for wordpress this way is truly painless and very easy. For an example of how it’s done, check out this tutorial. You just need to have your own hosted wordpress site.
Better Live Help than Common Chat Softwares
Live help software offered in the market today needs to be installed. Once, installed a site owner can view incoming chats from visitors in a dashboard and a live chat widget will also be installed on their website. They are not very user-friendly so to speak. Biggest pain of all is you would only be able to access the dashboard and talk with your site visitors from a single computer where the software is installed, you might have to pay for an additional license to install it to another device. But still, it’s pretty inconvenient – what if I’m on a friend’s computer at one time and I need to be online?
Probably the easiest live chat sales tool today is the one from Offerchat. I like the fact that it’s a widget that can be added to a wordpress site by inserting just a line of code to a site’s HTML theme. There’s no need to install a software on my pc to access the dashboard – I can access it anywhere using just an email I used to sign up for an account and chat with my site visitors online. Best, of all it’s free. I can add as many chat agents as I want to take care of people’s inquiries when they’re on my sites and I can add the widget to as many sites as I want and manage all chats from the dashboard. All these features I can enjoy by signing up just once without paying a single cent. I think it’s the best chat for WordPress at the moment.
Try it. And for all you online retailers out there, it works on a Shopify online store too!


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